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Capital: Cerro de Pasco

General data :

Pasco has a rich and varied geography, with two well differentiated ecoregiones, the mountain, characterized by its high plateaus and fry mountains and the high forest, of a dense vegetation and humid climate. The capital, Hill of Pasco (4338 msnm), it is located in a mainly mining area. To 45 km of this city he/she is the Sanctuary National Forest of Stones of Huayllay, natural area protected by the State, of impressive formations rocky and beautiful lagoons.
In the picturesque town of Oxapampa (1814 msnm) the German and Austrian colonists that populated the area in the XIX century brought I get the architecture and the traditions of their native country that have preserved until today's day. To some 25 kms of Oxapampa he is the National Park Yanachaga-Chemillén (122.000 have) that understands from punas altoandinas and pajonales areas until tropical forests and of fog where they exist 350 species of orchids close, more than 520 species of birds and almost 125 species of mammals like the otter, the jaguar, the bear of glasses, the dwarf deer and the cutter, all in extinction danger. The Yanesha, native residents, form some 60 communities at the moment.
Continuing toward the north, to almost 90 km of Oxapampa, he/she rests the town of Pozuzo, where German and Austrian colonists are devoted from the XIX century to the cultivation of fruits, coffee, rice and tobacco. Rich Villa, to 71 km to the south of Oxapampa, is distinguished for the production of coffee, pineapple and rocoto and he/she has beautiful falls of water.

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