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Capital: Tacna

General data :

Tacna, of temperate climate, kind people and with a great commercial movement, it is located to some 52 kms of the frontier with Chile. The department was formerly inhabited for populations Aymara that you/they marketed with diverse coastal products as the pepper, the fish and the shellfish. To the arrival of the Spaniards in the XVI century, he/she spread the cultivation of the vine, for that that at the moment can visit one another cellars vitivinícolas, where excellent wines and piscos take place.
At the moment Tacna conserves in its streets some houses with typical mojinete roofs and in its parks and avenues proliferate monuments, busts and other elements in allusion to the Peruvian heroes that fought in the wars of the Independence (1821-1824) and of the Pacific (1879-1883). The city of Tacna received the denomination of “Heroic City” in the year 1828.
To 8 km of Tacna he/she is the monument of the High one of the Alliance, where the Chilean army conquered to the Peruvian-Bolivian troops and to whose feet expand a cemetery with hundred of white crossings.
Another attractiveness is the petroglifos of Miculla (near 500) that they have been worked in bas-relief in the rocks of the area and it is calculated that they are some 1500 years of antiquity old.
The beaches of the coast tacneño are very converged in summer, they are generally open, they have rocky formations in the bank and a moved surf that it incites to the absolute view.

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