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Capital: Pucallpa

General data :
The department of Ucayali was inhabited initially for residents Cloths and the river Ucayali is one of the most important media in the central forest. Pucallpa whose name ‘red earth means ' in Quechua, it is the capital of Ucayali and one of the cities of bigger progress of the Peruvian Amazonía dedicated to the timber industry and the agriculture. The Lagoon of Yarinacocha, one of the biggest of the Amazonía, is to few minutes of Pucallpa, and in their banks they have settled groups of the ethnos Shipibo-Conibo. The place is ideal for the amusement and the rest and he/she has tourist housings where they can be carried out different sports as the aquatic ski, the oar and the fishing. The area is also inhabited by groups ethnic descendants of the Cloth, hospital people that offers the craft of the department. In the department he/she is also the Father's Abbot Fresh anchovy, a narrow canyon with diverse falls of onlookers' names water as the Girlfriend's Veil and the Devil's Shower.

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