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History :
According to chronic colonial, a group human denominated pumpus migró from the forest until this region in search of salt in times previous to the Inca; when arriving, they settled later in Pasco and a time they faced the Inca, who were able to dominate them and to integrate them to the Tahuantinsuyo. During the Colony, some Spaniards moved toward the high lands of the region attracted by their mining wealth, because there he/she was the location of Hill of Pasco, the most important in the country. The area of the forest, on the other hand, attracted the attention of missionaries who you they were interested in evangelizing the native populations of the central forest. By the middle of the XVIII century, the Franciscan missions were attacked by the one insurgent Juan Santos Atahualpa who rebelled in the area. In the XIX century the Peruvian government, in his desire of colonizing the forest, motivated to German and Austrian youths to migrar and to settle down in Pozuzo, located town to the north of the region. After a difficult journey, the colonists settled in the area and their descendants conserve their traditions until today's day. The arrival of the Republic brought I get, to beginnings of last century, the construction of the Central Railroad (Lima-the Oroya-hill of Pasco) that gave him a new one I impel to the mining industry of the area.

Geography :
The region Pasco has a varied geography. For the south, the high plateaus and fry mountains of the mountain and for the east, the dense vegetation and the humid climate of the high forest. Their territory is flanked by the two mountainous chains of those Andes: the Western Mountain range and the Oriental. The capital of the region is the city of Hill of Pasco, located in the Plateau of Chocolate, an extensive plain that you it prolongs until the region Junín.

Climate :
The city of Hill of Pasco has a cold climate and with a permanent one presence of rains during the autumn stations, spring and summer. The temperature half annual maxim is of 12°C (54ºF) and the minimum of 0,6°C (31ºF).

Folklore :
They highlight the music and the so much dances of Andean origin as austro-German. Among the Andean traditional dances the Chonguinada, the Auki is It dances, the Negritos, the Muliza Cerreña, the one Braided, the Old ones, the Charicamay, the Changanacuy and the Santiago. In the area of Pozuzo they are concentrated the expressions musical and the dances of German tradition, as the Payrisshpolka, the Waltz German and the Mazurka.

Tourist attractiveness :
Church San Pedro of Ninacaca, Immaculate Church Concepción of Vicco, Lagoon of Punrun, National Sanctuary of Huayllay, Thermal Bathrooms of Calera, Snowy of Huaguruncho, Thermal Bathrooms of Conoc, Yanahuanca, Thermal Waters of Tambochaca, Archaeological Remains of Chumpinvilca, Archaeological Remains of Goñicutac, Archaeological Remains of Ichugán, Archaeological Remains of Gorish, Town of Bedbug City of Oxapampa, glesia of Santa Rosa, National Park Yanachaga Chemillén, Rich Villa, Waterfall The Charm, Waterfall The León, Pozuzo, Chapel San José of Pozuzo, Hanging Bridge of Pozuzo On the river Huancabamba. Tunqui Cave Ríos Pichis and Palcazú.

Typical plates :
Among the typical plates of the region they highlight:

diverse meats, potatoes and choclo or tender corn cooked to the style prehispanic, low earth, between hot stones and all mellow one with grasses aromatic.
Spicy of guinea pig:
guinea pig stew cooked in peanut sauce and pepper panca. Head broth: broth of head of prepared ram with mint and pepper.
Traditional drinks:
bruise Punch:
drink with the help of bruise, fruit of the area with properties energizantes.
a type of liquor.
jora Chicha:
liquor of macerated corn whose origin and consumption dates of times previous to the Inca.

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